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The construction of a new world would not have been possible without the adequate cranes and lifting equipment, and these would be nothing more than science fiction without companies that every day design engineering and innovation works.

At the head of this group of dreamers you can find MARSS. Our leadership has allow us to become one of the leading experts on inspection and certification of cranes and lifting equipment for maritime (ports and ships), mining, construction and energy areas.

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Certifying the proper maintenance of the cranes is essential for the Safety and Productivity of operations, two critical factors that reduce maintenance costs and extend the useful life of the equipment. Additionally:

  • The Operators and complete construction projects trust the mechanical, structural and functional performance of these units
  • It Increases Team Reliability
  • Achieves compliance with legal labour regulations and good practice in the industry
  • It Increases productivity
  • Reduces accidents, injuries and fatalities
  • Reduces Risks
  • It Increases efficiency in projects
  • Assists in the reduction of insurance premium payments

We ensure a quality service to meet the requirements of our customers through compliance with the Chilean Standards ISO 17020: 2012 and the International Standard ISO 9001: 2008.

We subscribe to the Quality Assurance program in all of the Organization’s operations to maintain high standards in its Inspection, Certification and Testing activities.

To learn more about our Objectives of Independence, Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health, visit the following links:

Our services maintain synergy with all our Business Units

Moving parts, Bridge, Derricks, Lattice, man lift, Yoke, Trunk crane.

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Sashes, strobes, chains, shackles, hooks, other

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Yoke, beams, platforms, quadrants, separators, other

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“We advise our clients in the optimization of logistics to perform the tests”

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“Dynamometers up to 100 Ton”

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“Scintigraphy, Ultrasound, Magnetic Particles, Penetrating Inks, among others, complying with all the quality procedures of the Regulations”

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To perform load tests for a capacity of up to 500 tons (masses, water bags, platforms, shackles, belts, among others).

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Marss Academy

  • Project Cargo and Heavy Lift packages
  • Bulk Cargo & Shipping
  • Foreign trade
  • Dangerous goods
  • Refrigerated and frozen cargo transport
  • Transportation bulk and general cargo
  • Legal framework in maritime transport
  • Beware of loading stowage and lashing
  • Shipping business
  • Logistics in maritime transport
  • Insurance in maritime transport

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