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With globalization, not only information is widely available, but also all kinds of products at more competitive prices, especially if there are reliable suppliers in China, India, Vietnam or any other place in the world where your company finds what you need. Search your products abroad to boost your business. You can tangibly reduce costs and risk with us; thus increasing the competitiveness of your company, simply and with the support of MARSS.

In a scenario where the associated risks are still considerable; given the anticipated investments that the suppliers request together with the total payment before sending a product, MARSS strongly advises its clients in an integral way, minimizing risks and avoiding millionaire losses. This, thanks to our Quality Control Services in origin.

With this kind of inspection you will be able to know the factory of your supplier through our eyes. You will have access to the dependencies, machinery, documentation, personnel, among others; and you can make sure that not only that specific provider o factory exists, but also if it has the capacity to carry out the production of your goods in a successful way, at low cost and according to your quality standards. We give you a complete report of the operation to see if it is profitable or not for you to deliver an initial payment.

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This inspection will allow you to assure that your product has the properties agreed in the technical sheet. We can perform different tests both in the same factory and external certified laboratories. Does your product work? Is it made with the material specified in the data sheet? Does it have the properties required by the standard? Do you want a 10% production sample before you have to cancel 100% of the costs?

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It is especially in the production of large structures or machinery where our Quality Control acquires greater importance: a small failure in the production can determine the success or failure of your project. We help you, among other actions, to verify the dimensions, composition of the material, delivery times, etc. In addition, we track its structure to the shipping port, recording any possible accident in the transportation along with witnessing the operation of boarding, stowage and lashing in the ship.

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This inspection aims to verify the condition of your goods just before being shipped. It includes the verification of: Functionality of the product, Packaging, Distribution, Lettering, Quantity and Variety, among others. It is the last step before your production leaves the factory and it is your last chance to make sure that your goods were stuffed in an effective and safe way in a container with doors closed and sealed in front of us, giving confidence and support to your investment.

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All of our inspections have reports delivered within the first 48 hours of the operation.



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