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Marss Servicios Maritimos

What We do

We provide inspection, control and certification services designed according to the specific needs of our clients. Available 24/7, for this purpose we have a specialized team of marine engineers and ship officers, with extensive experience in different types of ships.

We give value to our work through technical personnel, qualified, trained and committed assistants. Our priority is settled on the needs of our customers.

The quality of our services is accords with ISO 9001: 2008, and our processes are insured by the company International Transport Intermediaries Club Ltd. (ITIC).

The care of the cargo makes us different, strictly complying with international standards.

We inspect all type of cargo from and to where you require it.

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We offer pre-shipment Inspection and Supervision of cargo in various ways of transport.

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Thanks to its extensive international coverage of inspection, certification and advice, MARSS provides port maritime inspection services required by it´s clients, such as shippers, shipyards, insurance companies, P & I Clubs, administrators, among others.

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Marss Academy

  • Project Cargo and Heavy Lift packages
  • Bulk Cargo & Shipping
  • Foreign trade
  • Dangerous goods
  • Refrigerated and frozen cargo transport
  • Transportation bulk and general cargo
  • Legal framework in maritime transport
  • Beware of loading stowage and lashing
  • Shipping business
  • Logistics in maritime transport
  • Insurance in maritime transport

Located in the main ports of Chile, our educational programs are endorsed by a team of professionals according to the area of interest:

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